Running / Jogging, Walking with Knuckle Defense - Fits in Hand - Sweatproof STAY PROTECTED WHILE STAYING ACTIVE: Highly effective, powerful 18% red pepper spray is enough to incapacitate any assailant to their knees with protection in the palm of your handsREINFORCED RUBBER KNUCKLES: Provides added protection and strength for close range self-defenseACCURATE AT A SAFE DISTANCE: Spray up to 16 feet away in multiple one second bursts and ensure your target is hit with laboratory tested formulationSWEAT-WICKING HAND SLEEVE: Nylon-Spandex sleeve is breathable, soft and keeps your hand cool and dry - no more velcro, the InstaFire propels sweat while others cause irritation.



    Our Mission

    La’Vierce mission is to give back to women and families who have suffered abuse. Through the sales of high quality self protection tools, we pledge to do our part by donating to organizations that support these efforts.

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